Serge Danserau Melbourne 1999

Serge Dansereau, as Executive Chef of The Regent Sydney for the past fifteen years, has set the standard for what we now call the Australian food scene. During his time at The Regent he has helped to create and maintain one of the first world-class restaurants in Sydney - Kable's - and has built his reputation around his ability to procure the finest Australian produce. Dansereau, driven to discover new and exciting developments on the international food scene, recently embarked upon a research trip to specific food regions of Europe. 'For me the journey was based on the need for knowledge and to seek the inspiration of the great artisan producers of France and Italy,' says Dansereau. 'It gave me inspiration to continue my support for the small growers and food artisans of Australia. The work of developing good food is a continuous quest for quality and for people who love and appreciate the taste sensations that nature and the hard work of the growers can offer us.' As much a travel book as a food book, Food & Friends takes the reader on a historical and culinary journey through some of the most prolific food regions of the world, including Champagne, Paris, Burgundy, Portofino, Venice and Rome. During his travels Dansereau worked with some of the world's most highly regarded chefs, cooking schools and restaurateurs. The trends and regional influences acquired by Dansereau have been incorporated into his own food, and a selection of such recipes are included in Food & Friends. 'They are a personal collection of dishes that are influenced by what I perceive appropriate for a modern cuisine prepared at home,' says Dansereau.

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Serge Danserau in Melbourne, 1999 Serge Danserau in Melbourne, 1999 Serge Danserau in Melbourne, 1999

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