Yung Kee Restaurant Hong Kong

Yung Kee moved to its present premises at 32-40 Wellington St, Central in 1964. Other buildings were added to the complex and the whole rebuilt in 1978. The enterprise grew from a modest cooked food stall specialising in roast goose, in Kwong Yuen West Street. The owner, Mr Kam Shui Fai, moved to his first proper premises at 32 Wing Lok Street in 1964. Today the empire is managed by his eldest son Mr Kinsen Kam, shown below (on the right) with his father and two brothers. It has grown into a large multi-layered restaurant serving everything from lunchtime noodles and take-away, to elaborate banquets. The old specialities of roast goose and goose liver sausages are still available. The photographs give some glimpses of the restaurants's informal ground floor level during a typically busy lunch. Mr Kam Shui Fai is seen directing traffic. Well into his eighties at this time, 1994, he was there every day. The crowd of white hatted chefs are in the noodle kitchen on the ground floor. The other shots are taken in the restaurant kitchen and show all the various stations, wok cooking, choppers doing preparation, roasting etc. The kitchen organisation differs from European and American models. Here the chopper does all the prep. The orders come to them, they assemble the ingredients in small stainless bowls, clip a copy of the order to the bowls and pass it to the wok cookers. In a large kitchen like this a dispatcher finishes the dish before it is delivered to the customer.

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Yung Kee wok cookers Yung Kee wok cookers Yung Kee Mr Kam senior directing traffic at lunchtime
Yung Kee steamer downstairs Yung Kee choppers, downstairs Yung Kee choppers, downstairs

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