Damien Pignolet


Makes 20 portions, each 2 pancakes, about 6cm diameter
1kg peeled potatoes, half Desiree, half Pontiac
120ml milk, salt and pepper
160g flour
6 whole eggs
8 egg whites
120ml double cream
clarified butter to fry the pancakes


Steam the potatoes, puree though a mouli and work in the milk. Season well.

Slowly mix in the remaining ingredients but do not beat hard.

Fry the pancakes and assemble as follows.

Lie one pancake on a plate, two slices of Damien's salmon, the caviar in the centre, fold the salmon over the caviar adding another slice of salmon.

Place the second pancake on top.

Sauce with a lemon beurre blanc (a sauce made by reducing vinegar with shallots and then whisking in butter).

This is a delicious dish even when eaten just warm. Though not Damien's preference that was the way we ate it at his dinner. Somehow a number of my waiters managed to disappear at the crucial moment of service and Damien leapt from behind the kitchen bench and started carrying plates. I helped too and then went back to my place and enjoyed the first course. Damien remained calm and the waiters did not move again from their posts. We had learnt our lesson and yes, Damien can carry at least three plates at once.

Potato pancakes with Sevruga caviar and Damien's salmon